about this site

criticalreading.net was created to provide a space for sharing ideas about the humanities — both conceptual discussions on topics in humanities scholarship and teaching, and resources that could be used in the humanities classroom.

As a scholar, I’ve often wished that there were more opportunities for spontaneous dialogue about ideas, prior to — or even outside of — the publication process. I’ve incorporated these informal humanistic inquiries into my literary meditations.

As a teacher, I find myself frustrated by the lack of resources and opportunities for professionalization. (More on this in an upcoming post.) And so I am adding my teaching reflections to share my own experiences teaching, and invite contributions from others.

In my teaching, I’ve poured so much time into the search for resources and materials that would be innovative and appealing to students, but still credible. In the end, I’ve often simply created for myself the resources that would suit my and my students’ needs, and I wanted to share those resources, in addition to resources I’ve found a compiled, in case they might be helpful to others teaching in the college classroom. These I will be adding to my teaching resources.

Finally, looking back over my own education, and thinking about my students, there are so many things I would like to communicate–things I wish I had known as a student, but for which there is no real structure in place to share with students outside of the rare interpersonal conversations in office hours. So I’ve begun to note down a few bits of advice to students, which I hope will prove a useful resource for those struggling to understand the framework of unofficial norms and expectations that impact us throughout our education.

All content on this site is produced by me, unless otherwise noted. I take pride in the energy I’ve spent composing written resources for my students, but also developing my skills in graphic design, video editing, and html to create audio-visual content for use in my classroom. Any sources consulted are referenced in the individual posts; images drawn from outside sources are credited in the image attributes.